Off System Services

Our Interruptible Transportation (IT) service provides for the transport of "off-system" natural gas across the transmission system.* As can be seen from the list of receipt/delivery points, our transmission system has multiple interconnects with most major pipelines in Kansas. Whether your needs are short or long-term, we are capable of assisting you with transporting your gas to numerous markets. We also anticipate adding other innovative services to our portfolio in the future. If you have any suggestions or specific needs, please contact us. We are looking forward to working with you to serve your future gas transportation and shipping needs. *Please Note: The transportation service is not a substitute or replacement for service under the company's other retail or wholesale sales and/or transportation tariffs.

Transaction Points

Name ID Flow Operator Design Capacity * Typical KGS Flowing Supplies
ANR Pipeline Company - Wamego 103702-PL Receipt ANR 50,000 MMBtu 5,000
County/Legal Location: Pottawatomie (S1-T10S-R9E)
KMIGT - Pony Express 009669 Receipt KMIGT 105,000 MMBtu 0
County/Legal Location: Dickinson (S2-TI3S-R2E)
MCMC - Calista 00822062 (Del.)
00822061 (Rec.)
Bi-directional KGS 53,840 MMBtu 0
County/Legal Location: Kingman (S6-T28S-R8W)
Natural Gas Pipeline of America - Ford Co. 3063 Receipt KGS 100,000 MMBtu 0
County/Legal Location: Ford (S17-T29S-R24W)
Northern Natural Gas Company - Clifton 032 Receipt NNG 41,599 MMBtu 0
County/Legal Location: Clay (S7-T6S-R2E)
Northern Natural Gas Company - Mullinville 094 Bi-directional NNG 25,000 Rec. MMBtu
25,000 Del. MMBtu
County/Legal Location: Kiowa (S20-T28S-R19W)
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line - Castleton KPOWR Bi-directional PEPL 100,000 MMBtu 10,000 - 30,000
County/Legal Location:Reno (S8-T25S-R6W)
Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line - Kingsdown  41451 Receipt PEPL 100,000 MMBtu 10,000 - 20,000
Southern Star Central (SSCGP) - Ark River 14971-130 Delivery SSCGP 40,000 MMBtu 10,000 - 20,000
County/Legal Location: Reno (S36-T23S-R6W)
Southern Star Central (SSCGP) - Alden 208 Receipt KGS 100,000 MMBtu 0 - 75,000
County/Legal Location: Rice (S27-T20S-R9W)
Cheyenne Plains Gas Pipeline (CPGP) - Cossell Lake 385638 Receipt CPGP 100,000 MMBtu 0 - 30,000
County/Legal Location: Kiowa (S4-T29S-R19W)

*We reserve the right to cut nominations to allow Kansas Gas Service's supplies to flow at capacity constrained points.