Did you know that Oct. 30 is National Weatherization Day? It's the perfect opportunity to take control of your energy use and boost your savings. With colder months on the horizon, here are six easy tips to help you reduce energy use, cut costs and stay comfortable throughout the year. 

Tip 1: Air Sealing Your Home 

Caulking cracks and weather-stripping your doors and windows are essential steps to reduce air leaks in and out of your home, ultimately saving you money on heating and cooling expenses. 

Tip 2: Replace or Clean Your Heater System’s Air Filters 

Dirty air filters cause a system to work harder, leading to unnecessary energy usage. Changing central heating filters every three months can lower your energy consumption by 5% to 15%. 

Tip 3: Set the Temperature on Your Water Heater to 120°F or the “Warm” Setting 

Most water heaters are factory-set to 140°F, which can be inefficient and costly. Adjusting it to 120°F, or the “warm” setting, maintains a comfortable temperature that still fights off bacteria while saving you money. Bonus tip: consider switching to the pilot position when your home is vacant for two days or more to maximize savings. 

Tip 4: Change the Rotation of Your Ceiling Fans

Did you know ceiling fans aren’t only for cooling? Set them to rotate clockwise and they will push warm air down, reducing the need to crank up your thermostat. 

Tip 5: Check All Vents

Make sure that all the vents in the home are open, dust-free, unobstructed and facing toward the room’s center. This promotes even temperature distribution by allowing adequate airflow. 

Tip 6: Schedule Annual Heating and Cooling Equipment Inspections 

Regular service and cleaning by a qualified service technician can enhance your heating and cooling system's safety, longevity and energy efficiency, ultimately reducing your utility bills. 

For more low-cost and no-cost energy-saving ideas, explore additional tips here. Don't forget to watch our YouTube video below to see these tips and more in action! 

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