Anna Frizell

While completing her mechanical engineering degree at Kansas State University, Anna Frizell got used to being one of the very few women in the room. In a lecture hall with 50 people, it was common for her to see only one other female engineering student. 

"At times, it was isolating,” Anna said. “You don’t have as many people you can relate to.” 

When she started her career as an engineer at Kansas Gas Service two years ago, Anna was pleasantly surprised to find that the women outnumbered the men on her team at the time. 

"In engineering, I've never had an opportunity to be in that kind of space,” she said. “The other female engineers had been with the company for many years, and they took me in and mentored me, which fostered my growth as an engineer.” 

Having positive female role models in her field impacted Anna, so she wants to pay it forward. That’s why she’s celebrating International Women in Engineering Day this June 23. The day recognizes the achievements made by women in the historically male-dominated field of engineering. Although women have come a long way, they still lack professional representation. According to the Society of Women Engineers, only 15% of engineers are women as of 2018. 

"It’s important for young girls to see women in these technical positions,” Anna said. “It can really help when you’re growing up to see that you can do that in the future.” 

Happy International Women in Engineering Day to our female engineers at Kansas Gas Service and to female engineers everywhere!