Meet Dene Roseburr-Olotu, our new director of Inclusion and Diversity!

Dene joined ONE Gas, parent company of Kansas Gas Service, in August. She has 10 years of experience developing and facilitating I&D initiatives successfully, most recently as the director of I&D for the University of Central Oklahoma. She began her career as an industrial engineer and previously worked at Amazon overseeing their Customer Returns department.

Dene was drawn to a career in I&D because of the opportunity to help people expand their perspectives.

“I&D is a journey – one that can be a little uncomfortable but is truly transformative. I like that I can be part of that progress with people,” she said.

Get to know Dene and her thoughts on how I&D helps create a sense of belonging in both our workforce and communities.

What excites you about this role?

Aside from having the opportunity to do the work that I love, I’m most excited about the potential of the moment. The company has been very thoughtful in the development of its inclusion and diversity strategy, and now it’s the moment of execution. I’m excited to see how that implementation will progress the company toward its I&D goals.

I&D is one of our Core Values. Why is it such a significant focus for Kansas Gas Service?

Decades of research show that organizations that embrace I&D are more innovative, have higher productivity and outperform less inclusive peers. Beyond the business case for I&D, embracing inclusion allows the company to truly create a space of belonging and community for everyone.

What have you learned about I&D during your career?

People will always hear me say that at the core of I&D is consideration. Being considerate of others leads to both respect and goodwill. It opens the door for not only dialogue but also inclusive decision-making. An example I often use is dietary differences. If I consider that my colleague is vegan, then I will be intentional about suggesting restaurant options that will fit their lifestyle. For me, this is inclusion – decision-making that includes consideration.

What impact can our I&D efforts have on our customers and communities?

Without a doubt, our I&D efforts can positively impact each and every one of our stakeholders. Intentional engagement with I&D means showing respect to each other and leaning in to and acknowledging differences. When we do those things, we can create spaces where everyone feels a sense of belonging, which ultimately results in a safer place to work and live. 

How can each of us practice being inclusive in our day-to-day lives?

Every day we all encounter someone who has a different lived experience than our own. Our own lived experiences – how and where we grew up, what we prioritize, etc. – impact how we choose to engage in the world around us. I&D encourages each of us to recognize and acknowledge how those different lived experiences help us form relationships with our colleagues, customers and the community in which we work. I&D is all around us.

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