MGP Ingredients bases their operations on the philosophy of refusing to settle for anything less than exceptional. And, thats a mission energized by reliable, clean-burning, affordable natural gas.

Headquartered in Atchison, Kansas, the foundation of MGP was laid in 1941 as a humble grainbelt distillery. It has since grown into a leading supplier of premium distilled spirits and specialty food ingredients.

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Innovation Requires Dependable Energy

According to MGP's Lead Master Distiller Matt Greeno, natural gas delivers the energy the company depends on to innovate in the food science industry and to create some of the finest spirits in the world.
"We need a reliable source of energy to create the distilled products and food ingredients that we use, and natural gas provides that clean-burning, cost-efficient and reliable energy source. We tried petroleum-based and coal products at some of our other properties in the past, and they just can't compete with natural gas," said Greeno.

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A proven source of energy

According to Forbes, manufacturing comprises more than 30% of national gas usage in the U.S., and is increasing its use of affordable, abundant natural gas to produce domestic goods and products. The reliability of natural gas makes it a great option for large manufacturers looking to save money and use less energy without worrying where their power will come from.

With around-the-clock operations, 365 days a year, natural gas ensures that MGP delivers the quality and consistency of product to meet their customer's needs.

"The natural gas pipeline is always available to us. If we need to push production and increase our production rates, we can get as much natural gas as we need," said Greeno.

An exceptional fuel choice

MGP has worked to "create exceptional" for nearly eight decades, and that's a tradition that Kansas Gas Service is happy to support.

Greeno sums up why natural gas is the exceptional energy choice. "From our standpoint, there is no better source of energy than natural gas. It burns clean, it's reliable and it's cost-effective."


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