Natural gas might not be the first thing that comes to mind when talking about coffee, but for one local coffee roaster and cafe, it’s a key ingredient for the perfect cup.

The rich aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans fills the air and helps lift the early morning fog as you step inside Eote Coffee Company in downtown Oklahoma City. Eote is short for Ends of the Earth, because they know that the world’s best coffee comes from some of the hardest to reach places. Thankfully, they also know the best source of energy for their business is much easier to find.




"Natural gas is paramount to the process and indispensable to our business,” says Todd Vinson, Founder and Chief Coffee Officer of Eote Coffee. “We’re never worried about the gas itself – we’ve got constant gas and constant pressure, which are things that are critical to the roasting process.”

The reliability, dependability and affordability natural gas provides are essential to Eote and other companies who rely on it every day to run their businesses. While natural gas is often thought of as a home energy source, its versatility allows it to play a vital role in many commercial and industrial applications as well – from fueling gas stoves in local restaurants to supplying power for local manufacturers.

Not only does natural gas bring warmth to the daily lives of our customers, but it is also critical to businesses in our community and to the economies of the areas we serve.

Vinson sums it up best, “Natural gas fuels us and our roasters and our coffee business, so we then in turn, can go out and fuel other people.”