The Cold Weather Rule

Helping customers stay warm this winter.

During these difficult economic times, managing your energy bills may become a bit stressful.

The Cold Weather Rule allows for special payment and disconnection procedures for residential natural gas customers with unpaid accounts to continue or restore service throughout the cold weather period (November 1 through March 31).

The Kansas Corporation Commission oversees the provisions of the Cold Weather Rule for all Kansas utility companies, which states:

A utility shall not generally disconnect a customer’s service from November 1 through March 31 when the local National Weather Service forecasts that the temperature will be below 35 degrees within a 48-hour period.

To prevent service interruptions when the temperature is 35 degrees or above, or to have service restored regardless of temperature, you must comply with the following conditions:

  1. Inform the utility if you are unable to pay the bill in full.
  2. Provide the utility with sufficient information to enter into a monthly payment agreement.
  3. Pay one-twelfth of the total account balance, including all disconnection or reconnection fees, plus any required deposit installment.
  4. Enter into an 11-month payment plan to pay the remainder of the account balance, plus the current bill. You may select the Equal Payment Plan for current and future consumption.
  5. Apply for federal, state and/or local energy-assistance funds.

Kansas Gas Service is required to give notice 10 days in advance of discontinuing service.  We will make every attempt to contact you by telephone, however, if you cannot be reached, a disconnect notice will be placed on your door the day before your service is discontinued.


Pet Safety

When our service technicians are at your home or business, you can help protect your animals and our employees by keeping your pets in a safe area away from the natural gas meters and appliances.

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