At Kansas Gas Service, we strive to provide our services in a safe and reliable manner. As a member of the community, we take safety very seriously. The information provided in this section is just a small part of our commitment to our community's safety. We encourage you to review the safety information listed on this site and to keep emergency numbers in an easily accessible place. 

Emergency Numbers
To report a natural gas leak, leave the area immediately and call:
1-888-482-4950 or 911.

Call Before You Dig
Before you dig, excavate, plant trees or set fence posts, call Kansas One-Call toll-free at: 811.

Natural Gas Safety
You cannot smell natural gas in its natural state, so we add a chemical to help you detect its presence. This chemical, called mercaptan, has a strong odor very much like rotten eggs.


What to do if you suspect a natural gas leak

Use your senses – your nose, eyes and ears – to stay safe. Learn more.